MarcusPhotographyNyc | About

Marcus Johnson is a New York – based photographer.  I specialize in  capturing your best moments on camera, whether those are Weddings, Sweet Sixteen, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Birthday Parties and more.  I can also create a book of portraits for you which will make a real impression on agencies or future clients if you are a model.


I fell in love with photography when I received a camera for my 15th birthday.  I haven't stopped taking pictures since then.  Shortly after, photography became my biggest passion.  I started with both scenery pictures and simple portraits.  But I took a special liking in working with people, capturing their biggest moments, capturing their feelings and somehow their souls on camera.  Portraits became such a passion that I decided to improve upon it and dedicate my time to it.  With my love for photography and for people, photography has allowed me to bring out the best in people on camera.  For over 4 years now, I've been doing just that and those are priceless moments for me and those who trusted me.


My photographs have been published in magazines and newspapers including the New York Family Magazine and the Uptown Collective blog.  I recently was a photographer for the Dominican Parade and I took a great pleasure at watching people through the lenses of my camera and capturing real life moments which suddenly became eternal.